Manychatxyz is a tech review site focusing on digital marketing and gadget review from Nigeria and across the World, so we let the outside world know what is happening in the Nigeria tech ecosystem and how best sharing this information can bring about awareness, seed funding, venture capital. I developed this site to share my experiences using platforms, apps and softwares on and off the internet. And many of these apps are owned by non Nigerians, there are still other Nigerian product that needs to be displayed to the World which I will be sharing alongside.

Messenger Bot review

Messenger bot is changing a lot about marketing, and the way people interact with the businesses. Think of having thousands of people contact you everyday on messenger with no social media manager to respond to these message, it will be a turnoff for potential customers.

Earlier in 2019, when I started using manychat it felt tedious considering the fact that there are no much resources on the internet to help me understand the platform, coupled with the fairly understandable UI/UX.

On these platform, I will be sharing how small businesses can use messenger bot to skyrocket sales, increase conversion rate and appointment and also grow an audience that is not going away any time sooner.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook is the best platform to market you product, services and increase awareness to your business. This is because of the highly targeted audience that matches whoever and whatever you want to reach on the internet.

But then a lot of marketers still waste tons of money on Facebook marketing because of poor optimization thereby missing out the best opportunity to reach and meet their customer demand. I will be sharing tips on this platform to help solve this issue.

The news from silicon valley

There is a silicon valley in every country, the one that dreams to disrupt the market and bring about innovation. There is a silicon valley in Nigeria, in Ghana, in South Africa and very part of the World where connection to the internet and sharing of information is available.
I am going to be publishing news about various startup incubation hub in Africa as a way to inspire the young generation to change.

My name is Chi Ofoegbu, I am digital marketing strategist and blogger. What are you waiting for? Check out my profile on Facebook and Twitter.